Biography of Tito Oliva

Roberto Luis Oliva, was born in San Juan, Argentina. He graduated Professor of Piano at the National University of San Juan, where he currently serves as a pianist, composer, teacher and researcher-creator. His teachers: Dora de Marinis and Carmen Scalcione Piano and Fernandez and Jorge Gonzalez Jorge Fontenla in Analysis and Composition. Alongside his academic training since 1977 he developed an intense activity related to the popular music Argentina, one of the founders of the legendary jazz-rock group Pleiades. Tito Oliva from then until now has taken shape in different groups formations trio, quartet, quintet and sextet which has participated in major international festivals, including stand-Mardel Jazz 85-86 and 87, "4, BS AS 2005. Jazz and other music - Cycle Jazzología Plata Jazz Festival 2006. The 9th edition 2007. Buenos Aires Drum Independence Jazz Fest 2007 edition, 2008.
Auditorio Juan Victoria Mendoza, San Juan 2009, among other important presentations of the scenarios.
cities of Mendoza, San Rafael, Cordoba, Rosario, Junin de los Andes, San Martin de los Andes, La Plata, San Juan and Buenos Aires. On the outside, the share stands at the 24th edition of the International Jazz Plaza Festival. The Havana. Cuba, and the First International Meeting of Jazz. La Serena, IV Region. Chile. recently participated in the International Jazz Festival of San Luis 2011 and February 2012 and 2013 at the Jazz Festival in Lake City Mendoza. In June 2013 she performed her music in Toluca, Mexico City and Veracruz, Mexico. Ruid alSud participated in the International Festival held in San Juan 2014, the International Jazz Festival in San Vicente Mendoza Argentina 2015. I recently participated in the International Ruid al Sud Festival , held in Italy, Serbia and Argentina, and where new compositions for string quartet, solo clarinet and piano and bandoneon premiered. His activity as a composer includes works for symphony orchestra, mixed choir and chamber ensembles and solo instruments. He recently completed a cycle of songs written on poems by Jorge Leonidas Escudero for voice and piano called Cordillera Arriba. His career appears recognized research in the history of jazz in Argentina: Chapter "Beyond the General Paz, jazz also exists", Point: San Juan: Visceral presence of keyboardist Roberto Oliva. Thiers, Walter. Creole jazz and other herbs (1945-1998) Editorial Corregidor, BsAs 1999. His name and references to his work as composer are recorded in Volume 8 of "Dictionary of the Spanish and Latin American Music". Editorial: SGAE. Madrid. 2001. Tito Oliva style includes influences from rock, jazz, tango, folklore, articulated from a regional satellite approach.

Edited CDs
- Independent Mirages Edition CD with the group Hanger. 2001
- Independent Edition CD Transcordillerano, next to Tito Oliva Jazz Trio. 2005
- Independent Edition CD Corniche roads, next to Tito Oliva Cordillerano Jazz Trio. 2009
- Editorial of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts UNSJ CD: works by composers of the Music Department of the FFHA- (compiled). 2010